05814 - Command CHGPGP failed.

05814 - Command CHGPGP failed.

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Command CHGPGP failed.


Problem : We are not able to start our application server.

What did change: in this order 1) we did an upgrade of OS from V4R5 to
V5R1 on the april 6,2002
2) we did a kernel upgrade on the
april 14, 2002
Application server as400ld_DVE_01
SAP R/3 Kernel 45B
created in OS/400 V4R4 M0 720
created on Jan 7 2002 23:02:23
Patch level 753

On the application server as400a5, we then try to start SAP.

Since the kernel upgrade, when we execute the STRSAP from menu R3TASKS
option 1, we get this message

Message ID . . . . . . : SAP0902
Date sent . . . . . . : 04/15/02 Time sent .. . . . : 15:00
Message . . . . : Command CHGPGP failed. See previously listed
Function not supported by file system.
Message ID . . . . . . : CPFA0AD
Cause : An attempt was made to use a function which was not
supported by the file system for path /QFileSvr.400/as400ld. The path
selected may not be valid for the function, or it may not be in the
same file system.

By doing some manipulation at the OS level I was abled to replace the
the *CMD CHGPGP by a dummy *CMD with no function. I was abled to start
the appl server a: as400a5_DVE_51 as400a5.

SAP recommended to get the latest STRSAP on SAPSERV4.

I did the APYR3FIX, but it did not correct our problem.

We still get the same error message.

Pierre Dagenais

Durban Tours - Südafrika Safari

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