05823 - EBCDIC to ASCII & WAS - Questions Questions Qu estions

05823 - EBCDIC to ASCII & WAS - Questions Questions Qu estions

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EBCDIC to ASCII & WAS - Questions Questions Qu estions


From reliable sources at SAP+IBM, plus our own experience ..

Extra resources for EBCDIC-> ASCII
R/3 55-70% DASD
BW 40-50% DASD
Journals <50% (large journal header is E/A independent)
Memory 10%
CPU - no overhead
Disk IO - no overhead

The conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII is only supported if done by certified
SAP iSeries CodePage conversion specialist. There is a pilot course, SAP
iSeries Code Page Conversion Course (oddly enough), in Walldorf in May, 1.5
days, €700, where you can get certified.

Tests from SAP+IBM have shown that for database running on
820, 4-way, 20 disk arms, 100GB data
the conversion runtime was 10-12 hours, so you should have fun with 1TB.

Unicode is still some way off for R/3

Hope this helps


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Subject: EBCDIC to ASCII & WAS - Questions Questions

Hi All,

long time no post - hope you are all well...

Does anyone have any experiences or information on the "new"
direction from SAP.

Q1. Anyone ever done an EBCDIC to ASCII conversion on iSeries? Q2. Web
Application Server - Anyone running it? Q3. WAS - is it only supported on
Windows 2000 or can I run it on
Linux or Websphere inside an iSeries?
Q4. Does anyone have any timings on a 1TB database for converting

any info you can pass along will be very gratefully received..

best regards


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