05826 - SAPconnect

05826 - SAPconnect

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Not sure about the SAPConnect cost....I thought it was included with
SAP without any further expense. We use it for Rightfax and email
thru Lotus Notes. It works good for these two applications and was
easy to setup and seems to be stable. We only do outgoing Faxes and
emails. If you would like further info on using SAPConnect with
Rightfax please let me know.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., Christine Kramlich <christinekZy...> wrote:
> Hello Fellow Saplings,
> I was wondering if any of you use SAPconnect in your companies? My
> is thinking of purchasing the add on component to use with RightFax
but I
> wanted to gather some information first. Does anyone think
SAPconnect is
> worth every penny or not worth a cent? Can you point me to others
who use
> it so that I may ask them of their opinion of SAPconnect? Lastly,
> approximately what is the expense to obtain SAPconnect and can
anyone point
> me in a Sales company direction to purchase it? I have been
calling two
> different companies with ZERO results.
> Thanks for your Help!!!!
> Chris
> Christine A. Kramlich
> Yorktowne, Red Lion
> SAP Basis and AS/400 Administrator
> Phone: 717-246-5387

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