05833 - Gateway Instance Upgrade?

05833 - Gateway Instance Upgrade?

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Gateway Instance Upgrade?

Hi Adam,

I would strongly recommend, to updatre the gateway instance as well. This is
more or less the kernel, and the new users on 4.6x. So, a CTRR3INST and
APYR3KRN should be sufficient. As a 4.6x gateway instance runs with an older
SAP system as well, you could do this any time you like.
As it is a bit critical if you destroyed your configuration, I would
recommend to install a new gateway instance on the same box with a different
instance number. Then you should test this and after tests either decide to
move to the new number, or enhance the old instance as well.



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Subject: Gateway Instance Upgrade?

Hello all,

We're currently in the midst of a 4.0B to 4.6C upgrade on the AS/400

The production database system was configured originally with the
central instance: PRD instance 00, and a gateway instance: PRD instance
24. The gateway instance is used by Gentran (EDI), located on a
separate system to perform RFC transactions on the R3 system.

With the upgrade of the R3 database to 4.6C, will it be necessary to
upgrade the gateway instance in any way?

Any input is welcome, thanks in advance.

Adam Marcus
Littelfuse, Inc.

Have a look to our homepage at:

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