05839 - New SAPGui?

05839 - New SAPGui?

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New SAPGui?

Hi group.

I noticed on SAPNet that there is now a patch for SAPGui 6.20.

Some questions:

1. Does SAPGui 6.20 work with SAP version 4.0B?

2. Will SAPGui 6.10 still be updated?

3. Is there a CD available for the SAPGui 6.20? If not, does
the "patch" contain all of the components necessary to install SAPGui

I'm sure that there is a note somewhere but, even with a T1 line, our
access to SAPNet is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW and I cannot afford to waste
the time waiting on it only to have it time out anyway.

If anyone could provide information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Regards, Robert Clay

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