05846 - Potential SAP Virus.

05846 - Potential SAP Virus.

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Potential SAP Virus.

Hi Marcelo,

if you are interested, you can have a look at a detailed analysis of this
"virus" at:

But, I would say, this is no virus, it is just a program, that tries to
generate other programs. I really can't see the idea of a virus in this
program and when I think about this issue I can't find ideas how to setup a
virus with ABAP, that is worth to be called a virus, at the moment, because
you always do have seperate systems, where you are not able to "hop" to
these systems without valid users and so on.

For sure, it is obvious, that a developer can write ABAPs that can destroy
other ones and can perhaps even replicate themselves with SAPs report
generation method. But this would not spread around to other companies like
the loveletter.



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Subject: Potential SAP Virus.

Hi folks,
SAP published the note 512595 about potential SAP virus, that can modify SAP
ABAP programs, which can then result in system failure or data loss.
Someone have more information? Antivirus, tools for scan, etc.
Best Regards,
Marcelo Lopez

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