05847 - No more parallel backup under V5R1??

05847 - No more parallel backup under V5R1??

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No more parallel backup under V5R1??

Mr. Lehnardt

Please go to AS/400 "Software Knowledge Base" web site at
(or ) and search for the document number
24785213 (or use keywords "parallel save").

As far as I read it, there is NO indication that parallel save is no
longer supported. I'd believe it is still working in V5R1. BTW, U need
to create a "Media Definition" object in order ot use parallel
save feature. I'm not sure if BRMS would do that automatically for U
or not. But please do READ this document.

Satid S.
IBM Thailand

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Lehnardt, Franz" <franz.lehnardtZe...>
> Hi group
> we just got the info from IBM's hotline, that under V5R1 you are not
> able to run backup of a library in parallel mode with more than one
> tapedrive. Are they kidding? Without parallel backup we need about
12 hours
> to complete backup, compared to about 8 hours when saving with two
> Can this be true? Who is already runnning V5R1 and how do you
> Thanks,
> Franz
> Franz Lehnardt
> AS/400 & R/3 Basis Administration
> EGG IT Services GmbH
> Eschborn, Germany
> Tel. ++49 (0) 6196 477-360
> Fax ++49 (0) 6196 477-776
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