05861 - Table not created

05861 - Table not created

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Table not created


I'm sorry, I have never used this command by now, because it is to
complicated for me. But it looks like working OK from the parameters. But
you have to keep in mind, that the lib is NOT allowed to exist before.
Because otherwise the CREATE COLLECTION doesn't work and therefore the views
are pointing wrong afterwards.



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We have problem with refreshing our STG system from PRD into a compressed
ASP3. At the end of LODR3DB it failed to activate journalizing. I have to
manually create journal receiver and activate journalizing, run AS4FIXFILE
to complete the job. However, the system views still point to R3PRDDATA.
Then I turn to use the method described in oss note 66985 to rectify the
error. We have an oss message 116607 regarding the problem, it is currently
closed automatically. Since I have seen other people also have problem with
loading lib into ASP other than ASP1, I guess it is a problem with LODR3DB

Zhihong Zhao

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