05873 - Optimal performance

05873 - Optimal performance

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Optimal performance

From an iSeries standpoint, 80% utilization of an ASP has been the key
guideline for many years. However, with the larger disk arms (storage
units) capacities and any changes in extension allocations for auxiliary
storage may have moved that guideline up, I don't know. Unless someone
in the audience may challenge it, I would work with that. Having said
that, your server seems to be below that guideline so the next step
would be to run the performance collector and understand where the
bottlenecks in your server may be occurring. Key points to observe:
- non-database faults in machine pool and *base (I have seen
recommendations for all R3_<inst> subsystems run in *base pool ???)
- arm utilizations (data may have "aged" or some drives)
- CPU % at the times when poor DIALOG response occur
- IOP utilizations for Ethernet adapter and DASD
hope this helps,
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>From: "zcsugg"
>Subject: RE: Optimal Performance
>Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 17:55:51 -0000
>Does anyone know if SAP has an optimal performance level (ASP %) for
>the AS400? Currently, we are at 70% dor ASP used on a 740 sharing 3
>processors between DEV/TST systems within the LPAR. response times
>are at 2.5 to 7 seconds on average for DAILOG.

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