05878 - Slow response times ???

05878 - Slow response times ???

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Slow response times ???

My experience:
Mostly 5-20 with some "hispeedexceptions"
and some "lowspeedexceptions" up to "timeout".
The overall feeling is "too slow to be fun".

What I dislike in addition to the slow response times
is the bad usability, especially the many different and
inconsistent ways they implement links (URL vs. javascript,
possibility to open in separate window or not...)
A second issue are dead links, which I experience almost
every session.
I have given up reporting such errors because the response
of the people maintaining the SAPNet exceeds the slowliness
of the system.

I have to use it, because I need the information hidden inside,
(It IS there, believe me.) but it is definitely painful.
In comparison to IBM's sites I use SAP has much to do to be
competitive and to fulfil its slogan "The best run eBusinesses..."

Volker: I'd suggest that a consolut poll is defined (by you and/or other
SAPers) and that the results should be escalated to the SAP gods.
We all need tools to get information from SAP but SAP should
stop punishing us workers by having to use its resources which
are "functional but not performant". It seems that they maximize
shareholder value by saving money for servers and staff working
for us, the customers.
But shareholder value is NOT customer satisfaction.

Just my 0,02 EUR

P.S.: Be sure that I am deeply sorry that sap400Zl... is still
not working. Our WinTel server people are working with 150% power
on a very serious stability problem in the NT server area and with
0,0x power on "my" problem. The result: No solution so far.

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Subject: Slow response times ???

Hi all,

what is your current repsonse time with the SAP Serice Marketplace ?
Is it about:
3-5 s per screen ?
5-20 s per screen ?
20-60 s per screen ?
1-10 minutes per screen ?

I would say, I see mostly performance in the area up to 10 seconds, but not
in the minutes area.



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