05879 - Antwort: Slow response times ???

05879 - Antwort: Slow response times ???

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Antwort: Slow response times ???

Hi Volker,

currently no response, only timeout:
CGI Timeout
The specified CGI application exceeded the allowed time for processing. The
server has deleted the process.




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gZs...> Thema: Slow
response times ???

23.04.2002 08:42

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SAP on System i

Hi all,

what is your current repsonse time with the SAP Serice Marketplace ?
Is it about:
3-5 s per screen ?
5-20 s per screen ?
20-60 s per screen ?
1-10 minutes per screen ?

I would say, I see mostly performance in the area up to 10 seconds, but not
in the minutes area.



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