05899 - Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23

05899 - Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23

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Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23


You should have the product on your Installation CD's from IBM for your
Operating System. You can us GO LICPGM on a command line under QSECOFR to
install option 23. You would have 70 days to use it before it expires.

Thomas A. Law Jr.

NACCO Materials Handling Group
Danville, IL. 61832

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Subject: Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23


For those of you who had the unfortunate experience of finding that
OptiMover is no longer supported at V5R1 - How were you able to get
the licensed program 5722SS1 option 23 (Opticonnect). I fear that
the order that was placed with IBM last week will not arrive by this
weekend which has been put aside for V5R1 upgrades. Is this a
product that has no grace period? Can anyone share their experience
with me? Has anyone been able to get this product expedited via IBM
Rep or Business Partner?

I did notice both V4R5 and V5R1 APARs have been updated.


Philip Stracener
CV Industries

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