05902 - Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23

05902 - Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23

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Opticonnect 5722SS1 option 23


Our Business Partner placed the order and had it overnighted to us. This
was their first experience with the problem too. Once they placed the order
for Opticonnect, they even tracked the packages for us. You asked about a
grace period for Optimover but I don't think there was one. There was a
note from Lisa Gargulak who works in the Rochester support center last
Friday about the research she did and actions she took to help with the
problem. She had talked with the group that works with Opticonnect and
Optimover and they confirmed that Optimover is not supported after V4R5 and
that Opticonnect had to be purchased in order for us that used Optimover to
function as we did before. Her note also mentioned that she was changing
the V5R1 info apar and the PRPQ documentation so all the documentation out
there should be starting to reflect the changes. Thanks again to Lisa for
the research and changing the documentation.

I would be surprised if you didn't get your order in time since it was last
week when you placed it but if you have a hard time scheduling down time
like we do I would look into to having it overnighted just to be sure.

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For those of you who had the unfortunate experience of finding that
OptiMover is no longer supported at V5R1 - How were you able to get
the licensed program 5722SS1 option 23 (Opticonnect). I fear that
the order that was placed with IBM last week will not arrive by this
weekend which has been put aside for V5R1 upgrades. Is this a
product that has no grace period? Can anyone share their experience
with me? Has anyone been able to get this product expedited via IBM
Rep or Business Partner?

I did notice both V4R5 and V5R1 APARs have been updated.


Philip Stracener
CV Industries

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