05921 - New SAPGui?

05921 - New SAPGui?

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New SAPGui?


Just an fyi....we (about 30-40 of us) are running XP with 4.6D GUI
We've been slowly rolling out XP

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You can order the 6.2 GUI from the SAP Software Catalog on SAPNET,
path from Home Page is Support -> SAP Software Catalog -> SAP
Frontend -> SAP Frontend GUI/ITS. You can drop it in your shopping
cart from there.

We installed it on a few desktops and have had a few problems with it
even with patch #1. One problem is dropdown lists dissapear behind
the active window in some cases when called from a popup window (as
opposed to a full screen).

Also, I do not run my GUI in Visual Design - this is unchecked in
Control Panel configuration. When I try to turn it on, I error out
of exits consistenlty with a hard close to the GUI. This may be an
isolated desktop problem since I have not researched this one yet.

Also, the method to apply patches has changed with 6.2. Instead of
using the separate install "tool" you had to install in the SAPGUI
program directory, patches are now applied through add/remove
programs in control panel. The documentation is sketchy, and we
literally bumped our way through. We got the patch applied, but we
have some work to do in understanding the procedure.

We are currently testing mostly on Windows 98 machines, but with our
anticipated move to XP this summer, we are under the impression that
we must move to 6.2 - so we are forging ahead. However, currently all
our desktops are using the 6.1 GUI with no problems.

Finally, for patches - the best method I have found to locate them
easily is to go in through Volker's page. He slides you right to it.


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