05943 - Code Page Question

05943 - Code Page Question

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Code Page Question

Hi Christine,

EBCDIC systems do have usually the codepage 0120 for latin-1 and NEVER 1100.
You can see this in the table TCPDB. If there is nothing mentioned, it is
definitely 0120 on iSeries. But please run the report RSCPINST then in order
to correct this.



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Sent: Freitag, 26. April 2002 15:25
Subject: Code Page Question

Good Morning my Fellow Saplings,

Could anyone tell me where exactly I can view my current codepage
parameter? When trying to print production orders, we receive an
C2166 Error Message and according to note 0435475, it says that this
error only occurs in system that do not use code page 1100 for
systems with EBCDIC code page.


Christine Kramlich
SAP Basis and AS/400 Administrator
Yorktowne, Inc.
Red Lion, PA 17356

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