05944 - SAP Business Connector

05944 - SAP Business Connector

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SAP Business Connector

Hi Jan,

it is possible as of 6.20 delivery. You can get this in the next weeks, if
necessary you can get the BC earlier already. We will support BC as of 6.20
environment. As the BC can use every SAP system release, it is no problem,
that you don't have 6.20 in your PRD system at the moment. You would need
V5R1 for this.

But, you can install this on Win 2000 as well.



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From: Jan de Rooij []
Sent: Freitag, 26. April 2002 15:38
To: SAP400 (E-mail)
Subject: SAP Business Connector

Hi all,

In our shop we are evaluating the SAP Business Connector for replacing our
EDI software.
Is it possible to run the BC on Iseries on the production machine?
Or should we buy a separate win2000 machine for it?

Anyone experiences?


Jan de Rooij
Shop Service Center

Have a look to our homepage at:

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