05948 - Client Restore

05948 - Client Restore

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Client Restore

Hi Alex,

I don't know about SCC4, but at least for RZ10 I would copy the "old
profiles" from before the copy to the IFS (from a backup or just another
copy) and then "import profiles from all active servers" in RZ10. Then you
do have the old settings active insite.
If you want to have it fine as well, you can delete the old profiles in RZ10
as well.



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From: Alex Tambellini [mailto:alex_tamboZh...]
Sent: Montag, 29. April 2002 05:34
Subject: Client Restore

We have a QAS system which I have deleted the database and restored a copy
of PRD over the top, which works fine.

But in transaction SCC4 and RZ10 for example it still has all the details of

the PRD client.

Is there an easy way to fix that up so it picks up all the QAS settings or
do I have to do it all manually ?

Alex Tambellini
iSeries 400 / SAP Basis Administrator
7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd

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