05971 - saprouttab in 40B

05971 - saprouttab in 40B

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saprouttab in 40B

Hi Alex,

I'm sorry to say that, but the one that created the saprouttab file really
didn't know what he was doing. I would guess they mixed up saprouttab with a
subnetmask a bit.

It is as follows (for ALL releases):

for permit something, you add:
P a b c d
For denying something you add:
D a b c d

P = permit
D = deny

a = from -IP-Adress
b = to -IP-Adress
c = Port, that we are talking about
d = password for this connection (optional)

So, the easiest (and unsafest) saprouttab looks like:
P * * *
=> from all destinations outsite to all destinations insite for all SAP
ports it is free.

In order to make telnet from sap to you available as well, add the following
line, because port 23 is NOT included:
P * * 23

Don't forget to restart your saprouter after changing the saprouttab.

For more detailed information I would suggest the note 30289.



-----Original Message-----
From: Alex Tambellini [mailto:alex_tamboZh...]
Sent: Dienstag, 30. April 2002 04:37
Subject: saprouttab in 40B

Hi everyone, I have had no experience with the saprouttab file. I am
wondering why this does not work ?

P*,* *
P*,* 23
P*,* 3299
P*,* 3200
P*,* 3201
P*,* 3202

the error I am getting is

* LOCATION SapRouter on sapserv6
* ERROR sapserv6: route permission denied ( to
* pawdf090, sapmsO01)
* TIME Tue Apr 30 12:21:58 2002
* COMPONENT NI (network interface)
* RC -94

Can any one help?

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