05972 - Cannot Start BW System

05972 - Cannot Start BW System

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Cannot Start BW System

Dear All,
Lately I applied Kernel patch 1063 (ASCII) on V5R1 for my BW 2.1C System.
After applying, I managed to start the system and apply the latest SPAM
update. Last night, the operators shutdown the system while it was running
some background jobs and after that I cannot start the BW system anymore. I
get the following message in my job log;

Message : Program signature violation.
Cause : The source program STRSAP specifies a signature
X'D433F8C8BD049C81BEEFA881D7EBF6842' which is not supported by service
program LIBRFC.
Recovery : The service program interface has changed. Re-bind source
program STRSAP.

72 *-* Address command 'CALL PGM(' !! cprog !! ') PARM(' !! parms !!')';
+++ RC(CPF0001)

I have also patched up STRSAP, LIBRFC, FIXR3OWNS and ran FIXR3OWNS but still
not successful.
Any assistance is much appreciated. TQ.


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