05987 - Cannot Start BW System

05987 - Cannot Start BW System

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Cannot Start BW System

Hi Raymond,

Volker is right. Application dependend objects like *SRVPGM should not be in
system libraries. Please check your Third Party programs if LIBRFC is bound
with *LIBL or with a hard coded library. (DSPPGM PGM(....) DETAIL(*SRVPGM)
If you see something like

Program Library Signature
LIBRFC *LIBL .......

then you can move LIBRFC from QUSRSYS to a library that is used by your
Third Party SW only. If you see QUSRSYS in the Library column then you have
to contact your SW provider and ask him to change this. SAP programs always
use *LIBL otherwise it would be not so easy to have any names for the kernel


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Hi Raymond,

the one and ONLY solution:

Every third party SW that uses LIBRFC, should use this in a library that is
NOT in the LIBL of all the other users!!!

So, please think about a different lib put it there and add the new lib to
the LIBL of the third party SW. Otherwise you can and will run into problems
of this kind always again.



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Hi Thomas,
I managed to start the BW System. The problem is that program STRSAP seems
to be reading *SRVPGM LIBRFC for Library QUSRSYS instead of BW Kernel
Library R346DBWD. I was told that IBM installed some additional software-MTA

(mail transfer agent) for connectivity between Lotus & SAP CRM Contact
Center which needs LIBRFC from QUSRSYS. (SAP CRM is also installed in the
same partition as BW).
When I do a DSPSRVPGM LIBRFC, I get the LIBRFC of library QUSRSYS as the
first choice. Seems like the actual configuration has run off. How do I make

sure that pgm STRSAP reads LIBRFC for R346DBWD instead of QUSRSYS?


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