/ACCGO/CAS_COMINGLE - BAdI: Commingled Process

/ACCGO/CAS_COMINGLE - BAdI: Commingled Process

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This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used for validations during the commingled process, such as assigning a program, moving to unapplied and so on. This BAdI belongs to the Enhancement Spot /ACCGO/CMN_ES_CAS_APPL_DOC.

This BAdI has the method VALIDATE (Validate Assign to Storage Program).

For more information about the standard settings (filter, single or multiple uses), see the Enhancement Spot Element Definitions tab in the BAdI Builder(transaction SE18).

For more information about implementing BAdIs as part of the enhancement framework, see SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver Platform on SAP Help Portal at Choose a relevant release and then Function-Oriented Viewunder Application Help. In SAP Library, choose SAP NetWeaver Library: Function-Oriented View -> Application Server -> Application Server ABAP -> Application Development on AS ABAP -> ABAP Customer Development -> Enhancement Framework.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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