/ACCGO/V_CAK_MSG - Maintain Message Types

/ACCGO/V_CAK_MSG - Maintain Message Types

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In this Customizing activity, you maintain the message types for messages as a part of the basic settings.

The possible message types can be:

  • I,,(Information)
  • W,,(Warning)
  • E,,(Error Message)
  • S,,(Success Message)
  • A,,(Termination Message)
  • X,,(Exit Message)

You must enter the following fields:

  • Message Step/Area, to identify where and when the message is displayed;
  • Message Class
  • Message Number

The Message Type can be selected from the dropdown list.

Following can be the possible entries for this Customizing activity:

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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Msg Step Message Class Msg.No. Msg. Type
Sub-Account Determination on Save /ACCGO/ACM_S4_MSG 14 Warning