/ACCGO/V_NEGSTRL - Maintain Storage Location for Negative Posting

/ACCGO/V_NEGSTRL - Maintain Storage Location for Negative Posting

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In this Customizing activity, you maintain negative storage locations for commingled stocks.

A commingled stock is accepted only for temporary storage while the title for the commodity quantity remains with its supplier. To record such commodity movement, which will be followed by a purchase by the company storing the commodity or by a retrieval to return to the supplier in a later point in time, a negative posting with the relevant storage location information is necessary.

For each negative storage location, you need to specify a plant, a location ID, a storage location and whether it is exposure relevant or not.

  • The movement types to be used for posting to the positive storage locations, such as MT 501, and to the negative storage locations, such as MT 562, must have been already available.
    Note that you can create these movement types freely as to your requirement.
  • The plants and their respective storage locations for negative posting must have been defined prior to this Customizing activity.
    Note that you can only define one storage location per plant for negative postings or commingled stocks.

To define a negative storage location, proceed as follows:

  1. Click New Entries.
  2. Define the following fields:
  • Plant

  • Location ID

  • Storage Location

  • Exp. Rel.(checkbox)

This checkbox enables you to block the exposure of the negative storage location from being considered in the relevant position report. Leave the checkbox unmarked, so that the exposure is not generated for the negative storage location.

You can set up as follows using this Customizing activity:

  • The plant can be defined as the facility that is licensed to store the commingled commodities
  • The location ID can be defined as the TSW location
  • The storage location can be defined as the storage location to accept the negative stocks
  • Mark or leave unmarked the Exp. Rel. checkbox to indicate whether the negative storage location is exposure relevant or not.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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