/AFS/SIMGARUN_SELREQ - Requirement Selection

/AFS/SIMGARUN_SELREQ - Requirement Selection

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In this section you determine how the system is to select requirements records during an allocation run.

Requirements records for a specific SKU of an AFS material can be created by various applications. For example, requirements are created when you enter sales documents in Sales and Distribution (sales order requirements) and in production (planned independent requirements).

Therefore, for each rule of the requirements selection, you must uniquely specify the origin of the requirements records that the system is to consider for the allocation run.

You also specify whether the selected requirements records are locked for other users or processes during the allocation run. SAP recommends that you set the indicator exclusive lock. This is especially important if you want to execute several allocation runs at the same time in the background. Only the exclusive lock ensures that two allocation runs that are processing in parallel do not select the same requirement record. Otherwise, the same requirements record might be allocated twice.

Define your rule for the requirements selection by assigning an alphanumeric key (maximum of four characters) and a description. Then go to the detail screen to create the rule.

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