/AFS/SIMGMM_SIZEGRP - Define AFS Price Groups

/AFS/SIMGMM_SIZEGRP - Define AFS Price Groups

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In the AFS system you can combine grid values that are procured at the same price to price groups. That way you can assign garments that have the same size to the same procurement price independent of their colors.

In this IMG activity, you define price groups to which the appropriate grid values and prices can be assigned at a later time during the AFS procurement process.

  • You define the price groups 01 (small sizes), 02 (medium sizes) and 03 (large sizes).
  • In the grid control data of the purchase grid, you bundle T-shirts in size XS and S in price group 01, T-shirts in size M in price group 02, and T-shirts in size L and XL in price group 03.
  • You determine that you want to procure the T-shirts of price group 01 at $4/pc., T-shirts of price group 02 at $5/pc., and T-shirts of price group 03 at $6/pc. and create a seperate condition record for each price group dependent on the material.

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