/AFS/SIMGPP_PRSZRNDG - Define Rounding Strategies

/AFS/SIMGPP_PRSZRNDG - Define Rounding Strategies

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With the rounding strategy you define the rounding of the planned independent requirements to the base unit of measure during the Presizing.

To define a rounding strategy for presizing, you must carry out the following settings:

  • Key for the rounding strategy
  • Description of the rounding strategy
  • Default for the rounding strategy
  • Function module

Define your rounding strategy by using function modules and assign these function modules to a function group.

Select a rounding strategy as default (x).

The rounding strategies are only valid for the presizing of planned independent requirements.

If you did not select a rounding strategy as default (x) in Customizing, the system automatically rounds by the normal, mathematical procedure (rounding strategy 0). But you can manually enter one of the different rounding strategies (menu: Planned independent requirements).

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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