/AIN/ACTVT000003 - BAdI: Get Product Associated With an Object

/AIN/ACTVT000003 - BAdI: Get Product Associated With an Object

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This Business Add-In (BAdI) influences how SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure SAP AII) determines the product for an object.

The BADI has one method: GET_PRODUCTS.

This BAdI is invoked by almost all business process executions such as pack, load, and move. It is invoked in during activities for register, update current state, BW update, print tag ,and validate. It is also invoked by the user interface to display the object's product.

Contextual information is passed to the method GET_PRODUCTS, such that a person implementing the method can determine in which context the BAdI is called and can return appropriate product information.

There is no standard implementation of the BAdI

Method GET_PRODUCT has ID version, ID, device group GUID, document GUID, action type, and user data as input parameters, a list of products as changing parameters, and a list of messages as returned parameters. The system logs the returned messages.

Exception /AIN/CX_ACT_PUB can be called to stop a rule with status exception. The system passes the message within this exception to the application log.

Frequently, the system cannot determine a unique product for an object. This happens when the object has a GTIN or a GRAI based ID, and the GTIN or GRAI is assigned to more than one product. You can specify which product to consider for that object on the user interface or in notification message from a device controller. However, you may implement this BAdI instead to make a dynamic determination based on the delivery date in the delivery document.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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