/AIN/T_UE_RSN - Maintain Reasons for Unexpected Events (UE)

/AIN/T_UE_RSN - Maintain Reasons for Unexpected Events (UE)

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In this IMG activity, you maintain reason codes for unexpected events. These codes are required to provide predefined explanations for unforeseen occurrences that may arise during RFID processing. A printer jam during tag commissioning is an example of an unexpected event.

No reason codes for unexpected events are delivered with the standard system.

You must define at least one reason code for unexpected events. You categorize each reason code as belonging to one of two possible unexpected event (UE) types:

  • Device group
  • Action type

The steps to define an unexpected reason code are:

  1. Choose New Entries.
  2. Select the UE type (device group or action type).
  3. Assign a UE reason (a two-character user-defined alpha-numeric entry).
  4. Enter a UE Reason Description.
  5. Save the entry.

Below are some examples of possible unexpected reason code entries:

UE Type   UE Reason   UE Reason Description
Device group   01   Device out of order
Device group   02   Printer jam
Device group   03   RF signal too weak
Action type   01   Case tag missing

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