/BEV3/CHLDGRFLD - Fields from FI-SL journal entry table for CH

/BEV3/CHLDGRFLD - Fields from FI-SL journal entry table for CH

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In this IMG activity you define fields for the special ledger (SL) in contract handling. You define which data (fields) are copied from the financial postings to the SL in contract handling. To do this, you must specify a database structure that can be individually designed. You copy the fields from the SL line items table in financial accounting. You can also add new fields (dimensions) to the database structure if required.

Define which conditions must be fulfilled for the data to be entered and copied to the ledger. Use the validation and substitution functions to save your data.

Specify the individual dimensions (fields) for the SL in contract handling. Use the data (fields) you require from the items in financial accounting.

SLs in contract handling are the ledgers you have defined to help you process the dimensions (field contents) you require.

The SL is a subledger in which you collect data for elements of a coding block (for example, repayment sums for contract handling).

Fields for contract handling:

  • Company code

  • Customer number

  • Contract number

  • Contract type

  • Movement type

  • Account number

  • Document type

  • Posting key

  • Currency key

  • Value date

  • Assignment number

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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