/BEV3/CH_STMZS - Setting to change payment/dunning block

/BEV3/CH_STMZS - Setting to change payment/dunning block

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In this IMG activity you define changes for payment and dunning block. You can only define payment and dunning blocks for posting transactions (Post date part and rule ID). You have the option to enter the required payment and dunning block key directly or you can select one of the optional change options provided (Help button).

The standard system contains proposals for changes to the payment and dunning block.

Use the check criteria provided or define your own.

The cancellation indicator is set for a cancellation transaction. The initial indicator is set when a cancellation transaction is cancelled.

Use the payment and dunning key from Financials (FI).

Update options for the payment and dunning block (individual document cancellation):

  • A popup appears for each item when you are selecting document items. For each document item you can choose whether or not you want to set the block. At this point you can also choose whether you want to continue with or cancel the reset procedure.

  • In this case the block applies to the entire document.

  • The block is set for a document that has already been cancelled.

  • The block is set according to the default settings made by the user.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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