/BEV3/CH_YVCVBRILO - Agr. Class/Rule ID - Link Location

/BEV3/CH_YVCVBRILO - Agr. Class/Rule ID - Link Location

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In this IMG activity you define the assignment of agreements to link locations. You can assign several agreements to a link location. You can then use the link locations for the settlement instead of a list of agreements. You specify which combination of agreement class and rule identifier can write to which link location. The link locations are used to determine and update the information in the global memory.

The standard delivery contains default link locations.

Use the standard link locations. You can implement additional link locations if required. You need new link locations if you want to process similar settlement information in one date. Similar fixed amounts that are distinguished by different rule identifiers can be settled using the same link location.

If you have created new settlement-relevant rule identifiers, you must assign the new agreement to a link location.

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