/BEV4/PLDANFVKO_V - Assign Sales Organization for Output

/BEV4/PLDANFVKO_V - Assign Sales Organization for Output

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You only use this IMG activity if Pendulum List Indirect Sales is to call request data for several manufacturers, covered by one company name. This IMG activity allows you to define output sales organizations and to assign lower-level maintenance sales organizations to them.
Pendulum List Indirect Sales creates entered sales data at maintenance sales organization level. You can assign maintenance sales organizations to a higher-level output sales organization that consolidates and issues sales data on another organizational level.

Standard settings

The following output forms exist in the standard SAP System for issuing consolidated sales volume figures and sales revenue figures.

  • File
  • List


If you want to structure your sales organizations hierarchically, you can only create the hierarchy once. Changes at a later date can cause problems.


  1. Enter a key for each sales organization.
  2. Choose a maintenance sales organization that you want to assign to the (leading) output sales organization.
  3. Assign an output sales organization to the maintenance sales organization.

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