/CFMFND/RE_INT_01 - Configuration of measurement adjustment

/CFMFND/RE_INT_01 - Configuration of measurement adjustment

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In this activity you specify how measurements of an Architectural Object have to be generated.

You can specify Architectural Object types and functions, where a measurement is generated automatically. The measurement will be created while saving the Architectural Object and will be set to the value of the source measurement.

This way you can create measurements according to DIN 277-2 on the basis of AO functions and use them later for reports.

You define calculation rules to calculate the values of target measurements. For example, a cleaning area RG01is calculated by the difference between a total area A101and a substraction area Z001. This calculation is defined with RG01as target measurement and A101 - Z001as calculation rule. These rules can be influenced by using BAdI /CFMFND/RE_BADI_MEASR_CALC.

1. Definition of Architectural Object Types and Source Measurements

Check all defined Architectural Object types. To do so you have to double-click the Node AO-Types. You will get an overview of all Architectural Object types with their descriptions and source measurements. You can add new Architectural Objects with the button New Entries and add a source measurement to them.

2. Definition of function dependent Measurements

In this step you define for which function of an AO which measurement should be created. Therefore you select an Architectural Object type and enter the function and the corresponding measurement to be created.

3. Definition of calculation rules

In this step you define a formula to calculate a target measurement and its value.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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