/CPD/VCPWS_REPATT - Define Reporting Attributes

/CPD/VCPWS_REPATT - Define Reporting Attributes

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In this Customizing activity, you can define additional attributes that you may want the user to maintain for commercial projects and individual business objects associated with commercial projects.


  • Reporting attributes are general in nature and can be used to search for commercial projects or for reporting purposes.
  • You can configure reporting attributes for individual business objects such as Portfolio and Project Management objects, Project Definitions, sales documents, and so on. However, these attributes are available only in Project Workspace (CA-CPD-WS) and not in their orignial applications.

To add your own reporting attributes, do the following:

  1. Create reporting attribute groups to categorize reporting attributes.
  2. Specify logical dependencies between reporting attributes if an attribute is dependent on the value of another attribute. For example, Region and Country/Region. Note that this dependency must also be supported by the underlying technical object.
  3. Create reporting attribute profiles, for example, according to header or item level attributes or by business object type.
  4. Assign reporting attribute groups to attribute profiles and decide the sequence in which the groups appear on the user interface.
  5. Assign reporting attributes to reporting attribute groups and decide the sequence in which the attributes are displayed within each group. In addition, you can also indicate whether an attribute must contain a value (Mandt. checkbox), and if the description of the value should be displayed on the screen (Disp.Desc. checkbox).

Before setting up the Customizing for reporting attributes, you must add your reporting attributes to the structure Customer Structure for Reporting Attributes (/CPD/S_MP_REP_ATTR). Depending on your requirement, add data elements with fixed domain values, check tables, or data types that support the type of input that you want to capture.

The following reporting attribute profile is delivered with Project Workspace (CA-CPD-WS):

Reporting Attribute Profile Reporting Attribute Group Reporting Attribute
0001 0001 INDUSTRY


You assign reporting attributes to commercial project types in Customizing for Commercial Project Management by choosing Master Data -> Commercial Project -> Make Settings for Commercial Projects. The reporting attributes that you define are displayed as input-ready fields in a separate tab.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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