/CUM/CUNITWERK - Define Compatible Unit Plant-Specific Data

/CUM/CUNITWERK - Define Compatible Unit Plant-Specific Data

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In this IMG activity, you define plant-specific data for compatible units.

In the standard system:

  • Task lists for compatible units are allocated to the central planning plant
  • The description of the virtual compatible unit is derived from the task list you define here
  • You can define a central planning plant (CenPPlant). If you use the central data concept, each plant in the system can have a central planning plant allocated to it.
In a multi-plant environment, we recommend that you use the central planning plant for master data storage purposes only, and not as an actively used plant.
  • You can assign a task list counter (GrCtrPlant) to a plant. Only one counter within the task list is used for any given plant. To cater for plant-level exceptions to the standard compatible unit configuration, you can map plants other than the central planning plant to different counters.
  • By selecting Act.Enh, you can activate the display of a tab card where you can enter your own description and define details of reference technical objects. This tab card also enables processing of user fields defined using customer include CI_CUM_VCUI.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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