/CWM/SIMG_TOLGROUP - Define Tolerance Groups

/CWM/SIMG_TOLGROUP - Define Tolerance Groups

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In this IMG activity you define tolerance groups. With CW materials you use tolerance groups to peform a plausibility check when entering quantities during the logistics process. The system uses tolerance groups to check whether the quantities that the user has entered (for example, for goods receipt) are plausible, given the quantity values defined for a CW material in the material master. If the limits defined in the tolerance group are not observed, the system issues an appropriate message.

You have activated CWM.

No tolerance groups are defined in CWM.

Determine beforehand the (group of) CW materials for which you require tolerance groups. You can define a total of four upper or lower tolerance levels for each tolerance group. By specifying the tolerance limits you are also defining the message that the system should issue if the limits are ignored. You can define the following limits/messages:

  • Error message
  • Warning
  • Information message
  • Status message

For limits, you can specify the extent to which the values entered by the user are allowed to differ from the plan values in the material master for the CW material.

If the system issues an error message, the user must enter other values or the system will not allow processing to continue.

For more information, see the SAP Library.

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