/DMBE/LEGALT - Maintain Contractual Terms

/DMBE/LEGALT - Maintain Contractual Terms

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In this Customizing activity, you define contractual terms for deals. The terms that you define in this activity are the default terms that can be selected when adding contractual terms to a deal.

You can configure the following settings in this activity:

  • A term name and description
  • The relevant category for the term
  • The active status of the term
  • A valid start date for the term

You have defined contractual term categories in the Customizing activity Maintain Contractual Term Categories.

  1. In the Contractual Termsscreen, choose Go.
  2. The existing terms are displayed.
  3. Choose Create objectto add a new term.
  4. Enter the relevant information.
  5. Choose Save.

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