/FRE/CV_BADI_007 - BAdI: Location Data Enrichment

/FRE/CV_BADI_007 - BAdI: Location Data Enrichment

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You can use BAdI /FRE/IF_CON_BADI_007 to enrich the imported location data information or to define prefixes for external location identifier (depending from location type) to ensure there the uniqueness, implement your own ogic in addition to the standard logic, or add additional values that are not transferred from a sending system.

There is no default implementation for the /FRE/IF_CON_BADI_007 interface.

The BAdI defines the following methods:

  • IF_CON_BADI_007_ENR_LOCATION: Modify inbound location message
  • IF_CON_BADI_007_PREFIX_ID: Set prefixes to external location identifier

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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