/IBPP/R3_DEF_ORD_OPT - BAdI: Batch Determination for MTO Optimization

/IBPP/R3_DEF_ORD_OPT - BAdI: Batch Determination for MTO Optimization

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This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in the SAP GTS, identity-based preference processing component. This BAdI is used to define a custom logic to determine available identifiers (batches, serial numbers, and so on) of materials listed in Reservations. You can use it to determine stock quantities and their values.

The determined identifiers and their stock availability are transferred to the GTS system as input for optimization.

The BAdI has a fallback implementation, which is similar to the standard GTS batch determination strategy. It finds all available batches of the requested material.

You must implement the BAdI method BATCH_DETERMINATION. The input parameter is the reservation item. The output is a table of determined batches or other identifiers. Each row of the output table represents a single batch or identifier, stating the available stock quantity and the value.

For more information about the standard settings (filters, single or multiple uses), see the Enhancement Spot Element Definitions tab in the BAdI Builder (transaction SE18).

Information about the implementation of BAdIs in the context of the enhancement concept is available in the SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver under BAdIs - Embedding in the Enhancement Framework.

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