/IBS/RB_RKLUE_2 - Transfer of RBD Risk Class per RBD Account

/IBS/RB_RKLUE_2 - Transfer of RBD Risk Class per RBD Account

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In this Customizing activity, you transfer the risk classes used in the source systems to the relevant RBD procedure. The risk classes are fixed by SAP and you cannot change the values of the risk classes.

You define the type of risk class update in the source system for the various value adjustment procedures and risk classes.

  • During the procedure for individual value adjustment, the risk class is to be set automatically in the source system when the actual records are posted. To enable this, the indicator for automatic assignment must be activated.

To ensure that the risk class is displayed in the corresponding loan contract in SAP Loans Management for Banking, Suite Edition (SAP-CML) on the "Evaluations" tab page, You must display the value adjustment in the field control. Customizing path: SAP Customizing → SAP Banking → Loans Moanagment → Transaction Management → Product Types → Company Code-Dependent Settings for Product Type
After entering the relevant company code and selecting the relevant product type, under 'Define Status of Product Type' you can go to the 'Field Selection'. In the field goup overview, you must select "Basic Data Evaluation Information" and define the characteristics of the "value adjustment" field status group.

For all individual value adjustments (IVA), all risk classes are to be transferred to the source system after formation of the actual records. For flat-rate value adjustments (FVA), only the risk class No-Watch is to be transferred to the source system.

Procedure Risk Class Indicator Transfer Planned Record Automatic Distribution
IVA 000   X
IVA 100   X
IVA 200   X
IVA 300   X
IVA 400   X
FVA 000   X

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