/IPRO/POP_VAR - Populate Variables

/IPRO/POP_VAR - Populate Variables

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Run this report to check for customer contract fields in the SRM system and create the corresponding variables in the Document Builder system. This report is used in the context of the Document Builder integration with Contract Lifecycle Management.

In the IMG activity Define Configuration Parameters, check whether the LOGSYS_SRM parameter has been defined and whether it contains a valid RFC connection for the SRM system.

  1. Enter the relevant content.
  2. Choose Execute. By default, the report is run in test mode and the contract data provided by the relevant web service is displayed.
  3. An XML file is displayed. This file is generated in the SRM system and contains the contract attributes.
  4. Go back to the previous screen to view the list of all the relevant contract attributes and newly created variables. Note that variables are only created if they have a valid DDIC type.
  5. Check the results and run the report in production mode.

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