/ISDFPS/BADI_ORSUP - BAdI: Define Supplier Determination

/ISDFPS/BADI_ORSUP - BAdI: Define Supplier Determination

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You can use this Business Add-In to define how suppliers are determined.

You can use the default code provided to derive the procedure for your own implementation.

  • The method provided expects the object ID (IV_OBJID) of the receiving force element as an import parameter.
  • The external material group can also be entered if required.
  • A key date (IV_KEYDATE) and key time (IV_KEYTIME) can also be entered.
  • Parameter IV_PROVISION controls whether provisions are included when a supplier is determined.
  • The return value is a table of type /ISDFPS/OR_SUP_OBJID_EXTWG.

The Business Add-In is active when the system is shipped. If you do not implement your own Business Add-In, the default code for the BAdI definition is executed automatically.

The following functions are available: determination of supply relationships for the time of day.

If you want suppliers to be determined differently, create your own implementation.

Default implementation /ISDFPS/CL_BADI_ORSUP_GET_REL: determination for time of day

Example implementation /ISDFPS/CL_BADI_ORSUP_GET_REL1: If no supplier was found for the time of day, the supply relationship for the next possible time is evaluated.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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