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With this Function-Exit, you can influence the data transfer of totals data of a transaction application in which the internal data structures are used for reconciliation. The Exit is called up for every data record imported from the sender table, after the system has carried out the standard data transfers in the internal data structure. You can then change or add to the contents of this structure using information from the sender table.

If you need to display certain characteristics of the transaction totals data in the reconciliation list, you can transfer them within this exit to the fields defined for this purpose. For more detail, see the description for interface parameter CT_CUSTOM_FLD.

The following interface parameters are transferred individually to the Function-Exit:

  • The structure IS_RECPARAMS contains general information on the reconciliation run. This structure contains the following fields:
  • STAB: Name of sender table

  • RFCDEST: RFC destination, where the transaction totals data is read

  • from RYEAR_FROM1: Fiscal year, from which the transaction totals data is read

  • PERID_FROM1: Period, from which the transaction totals data is read

  • RYEAR_TO1: Fiscal year, up to which the transaction totals data is read

  • PERID_TO1: Period, up to which the transaction totals data is read

  • CONTP: Integrated consolidation type, which is reconciled

  • DIMEN: Dimension of consolidation data

  • ITCLG: Consolidation chart of accounts of consolidation data

  • RVERS: Version of consolidation data

  • RLDNR: Ledger, where the consolidation data is read from

  • RYEAR_FROM2: Fiscal year, from which consolidation data is read

  • PERID_FROM2: Period, up to which consolidation data is read

  • RYEAR_TO2: Fiscal year, up to which consolidation data is read

  • PERID_TO2: Period, up to which consolidation data is read

  • The totals record IS_TABSTRUC imported from the transaction application, contains the imported data in the structure of the totals table of the sending system.
  • Table CT_CUSTOM_FLD. If you want to display characteristics coded in the transaction totals data, you can transfer them to the customer fields CS_RECDATA-CFIELD1, CS_RECDATA-CFIELD2 and CS_RECDATA-CFIELD3. To perform this transfer note the following:
  • The contents of a customer field must be firmly assigned to a characteristic of the sender table. Hence, you can transfer a maximum of three characteristics from the transaction totals data.

  • In table CT_CUSTOM_FLD you must specify the technical field name of each characteristic to be transferred from the sender table to one of the customer fields. The sequence of entries in the table coincides with the sender field for respective customer field. Therefore, this table can accommodate a maximum of three entries.
    Furthermore, note that the characteristics contained in IT_SUBITEM_SENDFLD are put on the list anyway.

  • The standardized data structure CS_RECDATA in the standardized structure used for reconciliation. This structure agrees with structure FCINCREC00_1 which is defined in the Data Dictionary. Use this structure, to change the data transfers carried out by the system, or to carry out further data transfers.



Please note that in the function exit you may modify only table CT_CUSTOM_FLD and the fields of structure CS_RECDATA. All other fields only allow read access.

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