/ATL/FORECLOSURES_GL - Set Up Foreclosure Global Settings

/ATL/FORECLOSURES_GL - Set Up Foreclosure Global Settings

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In this Customizing activity, you define foreclosure details. The /ATL/FORECLOSURES program uses the following entries to create foreclosure documents:

  • Legal entity
  • Repossessor type
  • Repossessor branch
  • Document type and posting keys for posting foreclosures
  • Foreclosure-specific information
  • Settings for checking foreclosures

  1. You define a legal entity and assign a company code for it.
  2. In the Repossessors view, you assign a priority for a repossessor type.
You can specify a number to prioritize the repossessors in the allocation of foreclosures. This program determines the order of paying a foreclosure according to its repossessor type.
If you also specify one or more vendors for a repossessor branch, this report allows you to pay the same type of foreclosures to different vendors of the same repossessor type. You define the repossessor branches per repossessor type. If a repossessor branch has a single foreclosure recipient, you can enable the system to display the beneficiary description according to the vendor.
  1. You configure the default payment block reason code and the posting key for beneficiaries.
This program generates the transaction record for the beneficiary and assigns the payment block indicator for the line item.
  1. In the Foreclosure data in Doc. fields You assign the accounting item fields to foreclosure IDs, initiators, motivating numbers, and reference numbers.
The settings allow the system to store the foreclosure information in the accounting document. For example, you can assign the billing document fields as follows:
  • BSEG-XBLNR for foreclosure number

  • BSEG-ZUONR for initiator

  • BSEG-XREF1 for motivating number

  • BSEG-XREF2 for reference

  1. In the Details for new line at Doc view, you can enter the document types and the posting keys for foreclosure documents:
    1. The document type to be used when you cancel a temporary foreclosure
    2. The document type to be used when you change the beneficiary before you post the temporary foreclosure
    3. The posting keys
  2. In the Foreclosure check details view, you specify the message types for duplicated foreclosures and immediate payments.
If you want to check the duplication in foreclosures, you can activate the Examination of Duplication checkbox and enter the identifying combination of duplicates. You can also specify whether an error message or a warning message is displayed when the system finds a duplicate.
You can enable the system to display a message when the forclosure creation is followed by an immediate payment. To do so, you select the Immediate Payment checkbox.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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