/CPD/VPWS_VW_SWT - Define Project Workspace Views

/CPD/VPWS_VW_SWT - Define Project Workspace Views

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In this Customizing activity, you define project workspace views for different aspects of master projects. You use this activity to specify the views, the corresponding icons, and the sequence in which they appear in the project workspace.

To add your own views, ensure that you have created and configured the main pages using Floor Plan Manager (FPM), in the FPM OVP component configuration /CPD/PWS_WS_MP_WORKSPACE.

The standard delivery of Project Workspace (CA-CPD-WS) provides the following main pages for SAP Commercial Project Management (CA-CPD):

Main Page ID Main Page Description Icon Path
0COMMERCIAL Commercial View ~Pictogram/WeightScalesMoney
0DOCU_MGMT Documents ~Pictogram/DocFolder
0FIN_PLAN Financial Plans ~Pictogram/ClipboardPencilArrowIn
0ISSUE_AND_CHANGES Issues and Changes ~Pictogram/NotepadPencilRuler
0PROCUREMENT Procurement View ~Pictogram/Money
0PROGRESS Overview ~Pictogram/BarchartMagnifier
0TEAM_OVERVIEW Team Overview ~Pictogram/OrgChartPerson


To create additional main pages that are consistent with the user interface of Project Workspace, we recommend that you use the following component configurations. You can refer to any of the delivered main pages mentioned above:

Component Configuration Name

In addition to the views, the delivery also includes a default business-add-in (BAdI) implementation to define context menus for additional navigation options. You can create your own implementation for additional main pages in Customizing under SAP Commercial Project Management > Master Data > Business Add-Ins > BAdI: Project Workspace Views.


Enter the following details to create an entry:

  • Main Page ID: Name of the main page in the FPM OVP component configuration
  • Main Page Description: The description of the main page
  • Seq. No.: A number from 1 to 99 that defines the sequence of the main page (ordered from left to right)
  • Icon Path: Either the name of the standard SAP pictogram or the path to the icon in the MIME repository
We recommend that you use standard SAP pictogram images as icons. As an alternative, you can also add your own icons as images in the MIME repository and refer to the path in the Customizing activity.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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