/IPRO/OUTPUT_WSDL - Display Output as WSDL

/IPRO/OUTPUT_WSDL - Display Output as WSDL

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Run this report to:

  • Convert variable trees to XML by means of the WSDL generator
    WSDL, which stands for Web Services Description Language, is an XML format publisher for describing web services. The generated WSDL file, which enables you to exchange information between SAP Document Builder and other applications via the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure, contains technical information, for example, the IP address of the web service, as well as an XML schema describing the structure of the document.
  • Generate WordML XML schemas for fill-ins
    The generated WordML schema enables you to insert fill-ins variables into an element. To do so, you must add the XML schema to the XML schema library in Microsoft Word.
  • Generate Form XML schemas for SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe
    The generated Form XML schema, which describes the variables in the form, enables you to design interactive forms with SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.

You must have created a variable tree in Define Variables.

  1. Enter the relevant content and a content modifier if required.
  2. Enter the message name for the SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure. This step is only required for WSDL files.
  3. Specify whether you want to create a WSDL file, a WordML XML schema, or a Form XML schema.
  4. Run the report. The output is an XML file that you can save to your local PC.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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