The following PDF files contain descriptions of the SAP IDES environment in such a way so you can teach yourself on your installed SAP IDES System. Additionally, you will be able to understand the different IDES business processes, that are available in the system – fully described and customized.

Of particular interest is the detailed description of the IDES customizing for the different country versions, so even experienced users and consultants can gain useful tips in the IDES customizing.

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IDES Overview – The SAP Model Company(consolut mirror)
IDES Business Information Warehouse BW(consolut mirror)
IDES Cross Application Components CA(consolut mirror)
IDES Overhead Cost Controlling CO-OM(consolut mirror)
IDES Profitability Analysis CO-PA(consolut mirror)
IDES Product Cost Accounting CO PC(consolut mirror)
IDES Customer Service CS(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Engineering & Construction EC(consolut mirror)
IDES Constructing a Powerstation(consolut mirror)
IDES Engineer-To-Order of a” turbine ETO(consolut mirror)
IDES Enterprise Controlling EC(consolut mirror)
IDES Finacial Accounting FI(consolut mirror)
IDES Human Ressources HR(consolut mirror)
IDES Investment Management IM(consolut mirror)
IDES IDES@WEB(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Aerospace & Defence ISAD(consolut mirror)
IDES Production and Sale of an Engine(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Banking ISB(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Chemical ISCH(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Consumer Products ISCP(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Service Provider ISP(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Pharmaceuticals ISPH(consolut mirror)
IDES SAP Retail ISRT(consolut mirror)
IDES Japanese Scenarios(consolut mirror)
IDES Logistics Execution LE(consolut mirror)
IDES Logistics General LO(consolut mirror)
IDES Materials Management MM(consolut mirror)
IDES Production Planning and Control PP(consolut mirror)
IDES Project System PS(consolut mirror)
IDES Quality Management QM(consolut mirror)
IDES Real Estate Management RE(consolut mirror)
IDES Sales and Distribution SD(consolut mirror)
IDES Customer Service CS(consolut mirror)
IDES Treasury TR(consolut mirror)