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Short Reference

MODIFY ${ ${LINE line $[OF ${PAGE page$}$|${CURRENT PAGE$}$]
                     $[INDEX idx$]$}
       $| ${CURRENT LINE$} $}


1. ... LINE line $[${OF PAGE page $}$|${OF CURRENT PAGE$}$] $[INDEX idx$]



This statement overwrites a line stored in the list buffer with the content of the sy-lisel system field and allows additional modifications according to source. In addition, all values for this line stored using HIDE are assigned to the respective variables.

The first output of a data object in the list buffer with the statement WRITE defines the output length, which cannot be changed by the MODIFY statement. The statement MODIFY ignores any specified alignments that are specified for the output with WRITE and CENTERED, RIGHT-JUSTIFIED.

System Fields

sy-subrc Meaning
0 The specified line exists and was changed.
Not 0 The specified line does not exist.


  • It is recommended that the system field sy-lisel is filled with the content of the list line to be changed before the statement MODIFY LINE is executed, and that the line is modified exclusively using the information in source, not by changing sy-lisel. The sy-lisel system field is filled either using list events or with the statement READ LINE.
  • The function modules LIST_ICON_PREPARE_FOR_MODIFY and LIST_MODIFY_QUICKINFO can be used to modify icons and tooltips in list lines.

Addition 1

... LINE line $[${OF PAGE page$}$|${OF CURRENT PAGE$}$] $[INDEX idx$]

Addition 2



The line to be changed is specified using the addition LINE or CURRENT LINE. The syntax and description of the additions are the same as for the statement READ LINE.


When a line in the basic list is double-clicked, the background of the number displayed becomes yellow, and the background of the remaining line becomes green.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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