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Rolls back all changes of the current RAP LUW. This includes data changes (for example, changes stored in the transactional buffer by calling the cleanup method) and enqueue locks. The statement does not provide any output parameters, for example, response or result parameters. ROLLBACK ENTITIES cannot be called within the processing of the LUW within a RAP BO, i. e. within the RAP BO implementation.

In case of a natively supported RAP scenario (for example, OData), the ROLLBACK ENTITIES call is performed by RAP. In other cases, for example, manually implemented services or applications, the ROLLBACK ENTITIES call must be done explicitly.

The program DEMO_RAP_EML_ROLLBACK_ENTITIES demonstrates the effect of the ROLLBACK ENTITIES statement with a managed RAP BO. Two modify operations are executed, the one including the creation of data sets only, the other creating and deleting data sets. Each modify operation gets committed separately. The database tables are then emptied and the very same operations are carried out again, yet the second modify operation includes the ROLLBACK ENTITIES statement which rolls back the modifications that have not yet been saved from the transactional buffer. Consequently, the output table does not show the changes.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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