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Short Reference

                 FOR ${NODE$|TABLE$} node $[ID id$].


This variant of statement SELECTION-SCREEN defines a node in the structure of the logical database for field selection. If a node has the type T, the addition TABLE can be used instead of NODE. The statement cannot be used for type C nodes. A description of the node types is available under the statement NODES.

If a node is defined for field selection, an executable program that is linked with the logical database can be used in the GET statement to control which fields in the node are to be read by the logical database. If the function module LDB_PROCESS is used, the FIELD_SELECTION parameter must be passed accordingly.

For more information about the addition ID, see ldb_additions.


  • During program execution, the named of the field symbols to be read are available in the database program in the internal table select_fields in the structure rsfs_tab_fields from type pool RSFS.
  • If logical databases are no longer created, it is no longer necessary to use this variant of the statement SELECT-OPTIONS.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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